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New Bedroom

16 Jan 2018

We decorated Ethans room last weekend. His was the first room to be done in the house. We moved for this special man so it was only right his room got done first.

I wanted to make his room as calm and as functional as I could. He has a lot of equipment that he needs daily and so I didn't want to create a hospital environment.
We chose grey as it's a colour we can keep for a long time and not need to change. The stars was the obvious choice for Ethan.


For Christmas we asked for bits for Ethans room. His auntie got him a lovely star light and with some Christmas money we bought him the light up 'e' to go with it. His great auntie bought him a star curtain of dangly star lights. I'm just waiting for a wooden cloud to be made then we can hang the lights with it.
















Father Christmas bought Ethan his duvet cover, book shelves and letters for the wall. A friend sent us the quote a while ago and it was painted with super heroes but I wanted to make it fit more into his room theme so painted them with stars on. I painted the book shelves which are Ikea spice racks! We love stories so it's important to have them easy to access and stored nicely as we have so many to store!





















I've opened up the floor in Ethans room for easy access and to make moving Ethan around and in and out of his chair. I've taken out his physio mat so that he can have more room as we do most of his physio work in the lounge now. I've made a corner for Ethans sensory lights and musical instruments. I organised all of his sensory toys and lights into drawers and boxes so we can find them all easier. 

He has a television in his room to keep him amused at 4 in the morning and when hes feeling poorly. 


















All of Ethans medical supplies are stored in his cupboard. He has set boxes for all his syringes and space for his milk and pads to be stored. Most of Ethans toys are stored in boxes in his cupboard for easy access. 

Ethan now has a very big day bed in his room, it looks amazing! The mattresses that were sent were too small so I will update more on this when they arrive and I can photograph it.

Already we can notice how much easier his room is. We had fun playing in it with the sensory lights and toys. Ethan had enough space to walk around in his teddy pants exploring his new environment. 

Ethan has a lot of sick days and needs a lot of attention and care through the night so we look forward to being able to provide the best care that we can in his new environment. 

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