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How you can help us...


We appreciate every little bit of help that we receive and we feel truly blessed for all of those that have shown love and kindness to us over the past 7 years. 

We are so lucky to have everything that we already have, but there are always going to be more things that we need or would really like. Before we talk about those though, primarily the best way that you can help us out is by following our story and spreading the word about Ethan and his condition ARX.

So please do subscribe to Our Newsletter, Like us on Facebook and take a look at our About ARX page to even try to start to understand some of the difficulties that Ethan faces.

If you would still like to help us out once you've done the above 3 things, then there is more that can be done. We are always working to try and fundraise for something, whether it is a new piece of equipment for Ethan or funds to be able to donate to one of Our Linked Charities.

So whether you would like to donate some of your well earned cash to us, would like to fundraise for us, or even just help to raise awareness of Ethan and his condition, then we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us via our Get in Touch page.

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