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Easy activities for children

With lots of families having to self isolate I thought now was the time to put into practice my Fda in early years and give you all a few ideas of what to do with the children while they are off. I will do this in 3 parts so you don't feel overwhelmed to read it all at once. I'm hoping that all of these activities are manageable at home with most resources you will have already and shouldn't take long to set up. I have tried to incorporate lots of ages into this and try to allow for sensory activities aswell as ones for siblings or children without any needs. I will be sharing more over on my Instagram as we do things. Hope this helps and you enjoy some of the activities. We would love to see your pictures and videos. Tag ethansstars and use the #letsgetthroughthiswithfun on all your posts! Enjoy!

Den making Build a den! Use blankets or sheets to create your own hide out. Pegs are great for holding it all together. Pin some fairy lights around it it to add your own touch. You can then have picnics in there, read stories or make up your own play scenarios.

Shredded paper Shredded paper is great for sensory play. Don't have a shredder, get the kids to rip old magazines and paperwork up for you. They will have great fun feeling the paper, watching it fall and throwing it I'm sure! Add in some of your child's favourite animals or characters.

Potato printing Great for hand eye coordination, colour recognition, shape recognition etc. Just cut a potato into the shape you want it, get some paint and stamp away. Maybe make your own wrapping paper ready for birthdays and Christmas! This is also a great way to talk about how potatoes grow and other vegetables.

Music and dancing Get moving with some favourite tunes. Pop on you tube and dance together getting your fitness in and getting some happy endorphins in. There are some great number songs to learn or songs with facts in for extra learning. Add in instruments or make your own to use if you don't have any.

Post box Find an old box of some sort can even be a cereal box. Practice writing and drawing and post your own letters or pictures. Children have great fun addressing letters and using stickers as stamps etc. If your up to it go and post them after for real for a bit of fresh air!

Playdough Playdough is very easy to make at home. I will post seperately some great recipes. It lasts for ages in the fridge. Add in leaves from the garden, cupcake cases and tins, animals or beads and buttons for extended play. Scissors are also great to practice scissor skills in an easy way using playdough.

Balloon play I'm sure everyone has balloons lying around at home, I know I do! Blow some up and have a game of hitting the balloon. See who can keep the balloon up the longest, or hit it the highest. You can have races by fanning rolled up newspaper or magazines and wafting the balloon along a self made track. Tie some string to the balloons and hang them from the curtain rail for those unable to move far so they can hit them around. Add glow sticks inside and turn the lights off!


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