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Just One of Those Weeks

This weeks been hard on both myself and Ethan. With a few new things added into our routine it's been hard to adjust. Two weeks ago saw the start of myself going back to work 3 mornings a week and Ethan starting a new preschool two days a week. The first week went extremely well. I was in bed by nine having had Ethan settled by half 7 every night. Yes we were still up at 5 but that was ok because I was getting enough sleep. Washing was done, house work was up to date and lunch boxes were ready when they needed to be!! I thought this is going to be fine when I go back to uni! Then this week arrived!! Monday was good then it started to go downhill Tuesday! I over did it trying to decorate Ethan's bedroom. I needed to get this done before the ceiling tracks come as won't be able to do this as easy when their in. I did two coats on two walls on Tuesday then finished the other two walls on Thursday. Ethan decided this week he didn't really need sleep so didn't settle until late then had disturbed nights and got up some mornings from 3 and 4! Then I woke up Friday with a very painful neck and shoulder unable to move properly followed by Ethan waking with a seizure which proved hard work for me that day. So luckily my knight in shining armour came to help out for a few hours in the afternoon (Steve)! After a hard day I thought a good nights sleep would help but no I woke up feeling worse! Ethan had another seizure then proceeded to be unsettled all day having small seizures. Last night he was sick and had a temperature. This morning I woke up feeling better but still with a stiff neck and painful shoulder although much better than it has been. I took Ethan to PAU (paediatric assessment unit) at the hospital. I could've taken him to the out of hours doctors but I knew they wouldn't be able to put up his seizure meds up if Eth needed them to be put up. After examining Ethan the doctor said he had a throat virus which would explain the temp and increased seizures. He also put Ethan's seizure meds up slightly as he hadn't had a change in meds for a while. I'm always reluctant to do this so I leave it until it really needs to be done. As Ethan grows rapidly the meds need to be increased but this hasn't been done for quite a while so I decided we could go up a bit. Hopefully with paracetamol, cuddles and an increase in seizure meds we should see an improvement in a few days. With a hard and tiring week which has seen Ethan poorly, a lack of sleep, complete disorganisation, a phone in sick to work to look after Ethan, Ethan missing his last ever day at the special needs preschool and a cancelled trip to longleat with friends it's left me questioning whether I'm ready to go back to uni and add even more stress into this already complicated routine!! So after a lot of thought I will be talking to the uni tomorrow to see if I can defer my place until next year. This will give us time to adjust to me being back at work part time and Ethan doing more hours at just one preschool now, then when Ethan goes to school full time next year I will hopefully be ready to give my degree the full attention that it will need. I'm very grateful this week for all those who have helped pick up medicines (Karen), shopping (Gemma) or helped look after us (mum and Steve) and those who have cheered me up (Faye Freya and river!). So here's to what will hopefully be a more settled week which will end on Friday with a relaxing trip to the children's hospice and a much needed break for the weekend!


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