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Time Really Does Fly By!

So the last few months have been pretty crazy! I don't feel like we've stopped until this week. We've had a wonderful time visiting friends, celebrating weddings and birthdays and spending time with family. I thought I'd take this opportunity to catch you up to speed with all that's been happening with Ethan over the last month or so. Ethan's enjoyed spending time with special friends including his best friends Samuel and Freya.

Ethan has a special bond with Samuel. They absolutely love each other and get very excited when they see each other. They know their both special and so this brings them closer together. Ethan and Freya also have a special bond but for a different reason. They are 2 months apart and have grown up together. Ethan adores Freya and she adores him. Freya doesn't see Ethan as any different to her and she loves sharing experiences with him making sure he's involved in everything she does. She also has a special voice for Ethan which is super cute.

We also met another special friend another Samuel. Ethan and Samuel have the same condition so it was lovely to finally meet the gorgeous little man. These two share a unique bond and I hope this will be the start of a wonderful friendship.

So in amongst spending time with Ethan's friends we've had a few changes with equipment. Ethan hasn't had a standing frame for a while at home as the last one wasn't supportive enough. We have now chosen a lecky my go stander which will support Ethan from the back again. He still needs the support behind him so that he can strengthen his muscles. We have been searching for a bath seat for months, trialling different ones and have finally found one which will support Ethan properly and it will be with us soon. After a lot of deliberating I have had to admit defeat and have accepted a hoist to help with lifting Ethan. We have measured for ceiling tracks in the lounge bedroom and bathroom to help lift Ethan up from the floor, out of bed and from the bath. In the meantime we have had a mobile hoist arrive to trial. It doesn't work in the bathroom so we are in the process of applying for ceiling tracks in the bathroom. This week we have also had a ramp put in to help us get into the front of our house as we had two steps which were getting harder to push Ethan over. This has made things an awful lot easier and will continue to help support us as Ethan grows bigger. Accepting all these things has been hard going as they're all permanent and a constant reminder that my baby boy will need help every day. I've come to terms with it all because I know it's what's best for Ethan but that doesn't mean it's any easier to accept. On a happier note I can now confirm that Ethan is now able to roll from his back onto his front without help. He's been doing it for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be prouder. He's worked so hard to get here. He's slowly working out that if he rolls over he has to be on his tummy and so is starting to enjoy it! It's been a hectic couple of months with ups and downs as always. But like always my baby bit smiles through it all! He continues to show determination and strength to meet each days new challenges. The next couple of months will see new challenges with the start of a new mainstream preschool but I have no doubt that Ethan will tackle every new day as it comes :).


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