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The Simple Things

Our new home

While going about our daily routine I got to thinking about how much the little things in our life make such a difference to us. The biggest change in our life is our new home. When I was pregnant we moved into a 2 bedroom house. Down Into the back of the property there were 13 large steps and our car was parked up a bit further on a slight hill. In order to get from the car into the front door there were steps around otherwise it was a short walk to get access into the property. We never thought about the implications of this and just how much this would impact our lives further down the road. At first it was ok but as Ethan got bigger I began to struggle more and more. The simple task of just taking Ethan in from a trip out became a massive ordeal. Carrying Ethan and all our stuff really put a strain on my back. Ethan is unable to hold onto me so this became increasingly harder to support him. It became more dangerous when I had a fall down the hill with Ethan in my arms. Luckily Ethan was ok and I came away with just a badly cut knee. I hear you say to yourself why didn't you put him in the pushchair and take him round that way.....good question! Ethan has a specialised pushchair which is rather large! In the hallway there was a large shoe cupboard which meant we couldn't get the pushchair in through the door meaning the only way in was down the 13 steps. We put our names on the local housing list and in December we got offered the flat were now in. This move has helped us enormously. The small task of getting out of the car and getting into our home has been made so much easier! Although we have a small walk from the car it is now possible to put Ethan into his pushchair and wheel him in through the front door. Our hallway is also big enough so Ethan's chair can stay up with plenty of room to move round it. We've moved into a 2 bedroom flat which is very spacious. It also means we don't have to walk up stairs which also saves my back an awful lot too! I've had back problems since I was little so every little bit I can do to help it is great! Our lounge is spacious and allows Ethan to have lots of room for all his equipment and toys. The benefits Our old house was damp and mouldy and never really felt like home for us. Here we really feel like we're at home and we are already so happy :) Ethan had a bad chest all the time at the old place and since being here Ethan's chest has been clear. Ethan's health is very important and it's vital that he stays well all the time. Ethan is happy and settled here as am I. Our living room has a large window and out of it we can see the main road a few yards away. Ethan loves standing (with support) up against the back of the sofa and looking out the window. He loves being on his feet and this is such a new experience for him. He can watch the trees blow in the wind or the cars go by or simply the people walking their dogs! Ethan loves watching lights. I made him a sensory room at the old place but we weren't aloud to put anything on the walls. Here I've been able to put Ethan's sensory net up on the ceiling and mirrors on the wall and a sensory board that I made him. I just need someone to help put his uv light up then his sensory area will be finished :) he gets such joy out of it and I love seeing his little face light up, literally! When Ethan got his specialised pushchair we stopped being able to just walk up the shop without the hassle of having to get the chair out of the car and set it up. We only went for walks when we had gone out in the car somewhere. Now we can go for walks again as the chairs already up. We can also walk to preschool which means Ethan is gaining more sensory experiences. Our new start This is a new fresh start for us and the simple things in our life make such a difference. I love seeing Ethan smile and this new start is just what we both needed. My back will be saved for a bit longer and Ethan can continue on his long journey of getting stronger. We're so happy and now we can really enjoy being a family and having an accessible home!


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