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Sweet Dreams

Ethan has scoliosis. This means his spine is slightly curved. It's not something you immediately notice as Ethan doesn't sit or stand unaided, but when he is being held in a sitting position you really can notice it as his back curves out to the right. Ethan also has "frogged" legs! This means that when lying or sitting Ethan's legs flop down to the side in the same shape as frogs legs! Hard to describe. Ethan has had some scans done on his hips to check the joints as he doesn't weight bare all the time. We are still waiting for the results but were hoping all is well and that he just has naughty legs! Ethan's physio suggested a sleep system to help with his posture and improve his legs. At first I imagined this big contraption which would strap Ethan into place and I wasn't to sure at all! I obviously agreed to have it as whatever will help my little man I will at least try! When they bought the sleep system round and got it out the box I felt so relieved! It's such a simple design and I knew Ethan wouldn't be bothered by it. Here is the first layer which fits to the cot mattress:

This shows where Ethan needs to lie in order to be straight. On top of this sits what I describe as plastic book ends! These are what will keep Ethan straight and aim to straighten his back and keep his hips inline bringing his legs together. As part of Ethan's condition he has what's called dystonia. Which means his muscles go between being stiff and relaxed. Some days Ethan is easily able to straighten his legs and the next he could find it hard to straighten his legs because his muscles are so tight. This sleep system will hopefully help to relax his muscles and train them to be in a better position.

Over the top of the bookends goes a new mattress which moulds the sleep system.

Ethan then lies in the sleep system. It's so simple and there's no need for him be strapped in or restricted at all.

As you can see Ethan is straight in the system and his legs are pretty straight. Ethan sleeps well in it and we're hoping to see an improvement in his posture :)


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