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Faye and Angel

In my last blog you read about special friends. I have the most amazing and supportive friends and family who help us out a lot, but there are two of my best friends who we really couldn't live without, Faye and Angel. They are the most amazing couple and most amazing friends. They are not only my friends but their like family. I've never met anyone as selfless or more willing to do anything they can to help other people. They make me smile every time I see them, laugh when I'm sad, are my shoulder to cry on, hold my hand when I need support, give me advice, tell me when I'm being stupid or when I need to do something for myself. But above all this they have provided the best support network Ethan and I could ever need.

Faye and Angel have been there for both myself and Ethan through everything. This journey has bought highs and kows and Faye and Angel have been there through all of them. Their two of a very small handful of people I can truly count on to be there for me and Ethan. They unconditionally love Ethan and have never treated Ethan any differently. They look after Ethan with such care and ensure he is involved in everything. They are thoughtful and always ensure Ethan's presents are catered for his needs and will truly be able to allow him to use them. They are always up for fundraising and getting involved in whatever crazy idea I have next to raise money!

Faye and Angel are Ethan's godparents and I truly believe I couldn't have made a better choice. Ethan absolutely adores them both. Ethan responds to the sound of both of their voices and truly knows who they are. He smiles and laughs with them both and is more than content when he is with them. I know that I can fully trust them with my precious baby boy because I know that they want what's best for Ethan and that they would never treat him any differently to their own children. Ethan adores their children because they have been bought up so well and really reflect the amazingness of their parents.

It's very rare in life to find people like this who would do anything for you, who would drop anything to be there to help or to help make our life easier. They truly support us and take an interest in everything we do and have to go through. I know their always at the end of the phone or a short drive away. I feel truly honoured to have them as my friends and honestly love them to pieces. Mine and Ethan's life wouldn't be the same without them and We would both like to say a huge thankyou to you both for all you do for us. We love you both and thankyou for being our amazing friends and for being a huge and special part of our life. People come and go but I know you will be a part of our lives forever.


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