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Every Little Helps

A lots changed over the last few weeks. We have finally had the ceiling hoists installed. Everyday Ethan gets bigger and harder to lift. Although I am still able to lift Ethan now, I decided it was time to have a bit of help to ensure I can keep going on lifting him. We have been waiting for a handle on Ethan's chair so that once he's been hoisted he can be moved around in his chair.

This is the hoist in the lounge. It is right across Ethan's playmat so he can be picked up off the floor. This is the hoist we have used the most.

Ethan has different tracks in his bedroom. There is one track over his bed and one track over his sensory area. They are then joined and the adjoining track is able to be moved up and down and across each track meaning Ethan can be picked up from anywhere in the room.

The final track is in the bathroom. Now our bathroom is not very big in fact there's actually only just enough space to get in there! So hoisting is pretty tricky. We also have the added problem that we can either use the shower curtain or the hoist so until I get round to getting a shower screen I have to move the show curtain rail! Lifting Ethan out of the bath is hard work so any help is definitely appreciated it would just be lovely to have a bit more space to do it in!

Ethan's standing frame also arrived and has been fitted to him. We are slowly building up the time in it as Ethan has very stiff legs at the moment so finds it very hard to keep his legs completely straight for long. He is up to ten minutes at the moment. Some days he can do more others less. The more he can do the better.

The more that is put in place to help Ethan the better. Every small thing helps to build a better future for Ethan and provides his with more of a safe and enriching environment.


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